The mission of the IPTA is to save private practice Physical Therapy. We believe our clients should be able to use their insurance that they pay a lot for in their premiums to have access to high quality clinicians who care about their goals without having to add multiple patients per hour or hand off care to a PT aide. We believe in growing by having the right people in place who can provide this care and ensure the quality remains at the forefront of their minds.


To save private practice Physical Therapy

The goal of the IPTA is to maintain a Physical Therapist owned in-network practice that is sustainable and can navigate the changing landscape of healthcare and reimbursement.  We want to leave a legacy of a company that is based on values and morals and advocates not only for every client, but also for Physical Therapy and Physical Therapists – a company that is not dictated by venture capitalists, corporations, or anyone who is not in our profession.