Why Join ITPA

Retain autonomy in your practice while combining with other practice owners in a collaborative environment to elevate our collective practices. This will allow business owners to focus on quality of treatment and client and employee experience while administrative responsibilities are shared. 

We believe an individual has a right to use their insurance plan for high quality in network care, and that care can exceed expectations with a combination of:

  1. Honest and upfront information about out of pocket costs
  2. Low volume to allow for more time and attention from a provider
  3. Collaborative high level plans of care between patients and any other medical professional.

By forming the IPTA and combining private practices who believe in the same quality of care,  patients don’t have to choose to go to a larger health system where you may be seen along with many other patients per hour, or have to go out of network or cash based for one-on-one care.  Patients can continue to use their health insurance while seeing an IPTA division company and get the physical therapy care they get from a private practice.